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Fruit and Leaves

Hectares: 200,000

Trees Planted: 0

Carbon Credits: 0


Current Projects

​Our model is simple.  Our mining properties are large land masses which are tied into long term agreements; these agreements are specifically for developments around EV battery minerals (graphite, copper, manganese, lithium). We will front-load the properties with carbon positive enhancements such as trees, methane management, and soil enhancements, in order to off-set the carefully managed extraction and processing of EV minerals. Crucially, we are going to be pre-selling our Carbon Credits to our OEM customers, thereby offsetting their industry carbon. The model bookends the supply chain with climate positive processes.

Republic of
Sri Lanka

Hectares: 162,000

Trees Planted: 0

Carbon Credits: 0

Hectares: 100,000

Trees Planted: 0

Carbon Credits: 0


Trees Planted


Carbon Credits


Active Projects

Partnering with local communities to save the earth and build sustainable industry

Environmental Impact

Many of the areas that we intent to mine are barren or simple fields; before we even put holes in the ground, we pledge to plant trees that are native to the respective areas. These trees should more than offset the carbon our processes will omit and, when possible, produce fruit. We intend to sell the additional carbon credits. Any additional income from this will be used to run Ameca Carbon, but it is our goal that a percentage of the profits will be donated to the community for use in local initiatives.

By bringing new growth to local areas we hope tp benefit local communities by creating commerce. When possible, our goal is to plant fruit bearing trees in the hope that these fruits may act as  secondary income streams for the local populations. We intend to engage in production sharing agreements with our local partners. 

AMECA Carbon's mission is to deal directly with the environmental repercussions of the mining industry. Instead of just focusing on remediation efforts after extraction, AMECA Carbon aims to create climate positive mining by using the carbon credit system on our properties.

Local Impact

Based on our research, we believe the economic impact of our carbon initiatives will be extremely positive; not only will we be contributing to the well-being and financial stability of the area, the secondary production initiatives will continue to provide Carbon Credits for the area long after the mine is no longer producing. 

The Environmental Cost of Mining

The toll of various types of mining and mining processing industries has been well known for decades. Many developed countries have put measures in place to ensure that mining sites are cleaned up after the mine has been abandoned, however companies often focus on remediation after the fact, rather than putting policies in place which ensure the smallest environmental impact possible. 

In many countries, there is such an emphasis on developing the economy, that there are few to no policies in place to ensure mining is done responsibly. At AMECA Carbon, we plan to go above and beyond the most stringent regulations that exist. 

We aim to partner with countries to ensure that environmentally, locally, and economically, our projects have the most positive impact possible. 

SouthCorp Capital Inc

Economic Impact

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